Design Consulting

What happens in a business isn’t just a result of processes, organizational structures and systems, but one of the underlying factors that determine how people behave, how they interact and make decisions. To address this fundamental driving force of a company’s performance, Intworks applies a set of tools that change individuals’ behaviors, inspire different ways of working, and help create a purpose-driven corporate culture. Creating a high-performance company enhances the organizational structure and role. It alters its methods of working and its strategy for developing and aligning capabilities in the areas of leadership. Our analysis shows that the new working methods can create a company one of the top performers, which will grow faster and have more significant profit margins than its competitors.

Database Administration

A company produces massive amounts of data, and that data is crucial for analysis to gain insight to make more informed business decisions. There is a rising demand for database administration, as the primary obligation is to maintain and secure the integrity of data in a company. The Database Administration (DBA) team provides complete solutions for various requirements in databases, including maintenance, integration, monitoring, optimization, upgrades or tuning for your database. As among the top and most respected Database Management Services providers, we offer world-class service to several leading businesses. Our consultants have deep database knowledge and assist you in implementing the best solutions following a thorough examination of your structure requirements and business objectives.

Maintenance Services

As a company, your application must be operating correctly, so you must update your systems, fix issues, and add features as time passes. Web maintenance services for applications provided by Intworks are an affordable way to make enhancements and upgrades to your business’s most important platform. Maintenance and management of your web application over the long term are equally important as creating the application on the internet. If your business expands and your clients require upgrades, your software needs to evolve and adapt to it. We can help you maintain and update websites, including web-based applications, Ecommerce stores, and any other kind of B2B or B2C cloud-based software. Whether we create your website or not, our mission is to support you in managing your app.

Quality Assurance

Across all the stages in software development, Quality Assurance equally plays a major role in success of any product or application. Either manual our automation, we have extensive experience in QA services across the software lifecycle. Our skillset is spread across functional, performance, security testing.