Business Intelligence (BI) Tools

Organizations use our business intelligence services to measure various metrics and KPIs using data from marketing, financial, HR, customer service, and operations departments. Businesses and departments can create stronger connections between their business functions by synchronizing all data in one report. This allows everyone to understand the performance of each other. We provide intuitive dashboards with rich visualization making it easy to analyze data faster and more effectively. This allows you to gain new insights and increase efficiency. We use platform-based business intelligence solutions to provide actionable insights from large data. Our specialists modify plugins and modules from third-party vendors to integrate them into the enterprise’s BI solutions.

Monitoring Systems

Our monitoring service combines metrics and events from servers and databases with tools and services to provide a single view of the infrastructure. These tools can perform many more precise functions that fall under the umbrella of network and application monitoring. Intworks provides complete visibility to your infrastructure to prevent system problems and help you make informed decisions for consistent performance. Our monitoring services can help prevent business losses and downtime with proactive maintenance. Our team of experts can detect potential problems quickly and prevent them from becoming a disaster. We work with an ultimate goal to increase the efficiency and productivity of your organization. Using our remote monitoring, you can save time and reduce disruptions.

Multi-system Integrations

Most organizations that use system integration need to increase efficiency, productivity, and quality in their operations. We offer a unique design, build, and manage service for your digital ecosystem. We are setting new standards by creating networks that combine the best technology alliances with our in-house solution engineering expertise. We can build highly responsive, agile networks because of our deep understanding of end-users and keen focus on network monetization. With our multi-system integrations services, the organization can increase information flow speeds and lower operational costs through system integration. Our system integration also connects the organization to third parties like suppliers, customers, and shareholders.