Product ideation

Right product ideation is the foundation of product engineering. While creating and developing a product; product ideation is the tricky part to decide the success of the product at various stages in the market. Our experienced team conducts various methodologies to decide when, where, how the product should evolve.

Through market and competitor analysis, team scheduling, budget scheduling and latest product ideation methodologies, we discover the critical factors ensuring your product decisions.

If you are looking for product Ideation experts and are willing to identify the best decisions for your product idea, Intworks is the best team for product ideation plannings.

Product Architecture

A right product architecture defines how the elements of the application interact in its internal layer and to the outside world. Product Architecture is not only the technology component but it is an integral part of robust and scalable product application. If you are looking for a consultant and product application team who chooses a product Architecture based on extensive study then Intworks is willing to collaborate on your project.

Product Design & Development

Providing an enhanced experience and gaining customer patronage is what every business strives to attain. Intworks knows the people’s pulse and together with your requirements. We help formulate a design that is not only well-researched but a product design that fits your business line, like hand-in-glove.

Why we are different from any designers, you will find out. Our understanding of your business and your idea to realize it happens through our vision. We work on exploring the best ways to present it so that your users’ experience remains true to the core. Using the latest tools to research and test to develop the best solutions possible. The various departments of the team strategize and work out 360-degree views to enhance user experience and drive sales.

Product Sustenance/Re-Engineering

The irrelevance of the product happens to every product, and a new product lifecycle comes to replace it. This also has been seen in component obsolescence when these parts aren’t available during the time of production. Our job at Intworks is cut-out, and we need to work in detail to re-engineer products or solutions. During this process, we work in tandem with the organization to work upon efficient products or solutions that have extended lifecycles and are not boxed into a specific time limit. Our experts make this happen with the current technologies, which will enable the organization to have more scalability and flexibility brought on by re-engineering.

We collaborate with the client’s technical team and work out possibilities that can enable product sustenance. Intworks has built multi-tiered support organizations that work on different demographics of the world, from minor enhancements to major changes.