Native Development

If you are looking for an expert team to build a mobile application exclusively for your preferred platform, the native application development service from Intworks is your smartest choice. We have the highest rated programmers and coders on our team. So, whether you need a Kotlin/Java Application for Android or a Swift Application for IOS, our experienced teams of application developers will complete the project with best results. With us you are getting a complete end to end native development service that will cover every aspect of your application from coding to testing. With maximized features specialized to provide top rated performance in the target platform, the native applications developed by our team will give you the desired reach and performance.

Key focus areas
  • iOS - Swift
  • Android - Kotlin

Hybrid Development

Hybrid applications are the most favored choice of every business. These applications have the boosted speed and maximized features of a native mobile application as well as the compatibility and cost-effective service of web-based applications in a single framework. So, you are getting the best of both worlds in a single, compact, and flexible application. A properly executed hybrid application development scheme includes project estimation, identification of user requirements, development of the framework, testing, fixing the bugs, and quality marketing. To carry out all these steps efficiently, you will need the help of the expert Hybrid Application Development team of Intworks. Our team of talented coders, developers, and marketers will turn your brilliant stellar idea into a fully functioning end to end complete cross-platform hybrid application.

Key focus areas
  • Flutter
  • React

App Strategy, App Designing & Support

App strategy is the foundation of UI development. Your brilliant application idea can only be turned into reality through an equally brilliant app strategy. App strategy includes a basic idea of interaction between the user and the application. It takes rigorous research and in-depth analysis of the user requirements in order to find a suitable app strategy. When the UI of an app is systematically built to provide the users with the information they want, the frequency of use of the app by the user witnesses an exponential growth. It is important to assess the user needs and make sure the app strategy includes intelligent components for app UI instead of creating a visually pleasing interface.